Friday, 8 April 2016

A Quote to define who I aspire to become.

“Be Someone Who Makes Everybody Feel Like A Somebody”

That is the quote I hope someday, someone will say that that’s who I am. I want to be an important person in somebody else’s life. I read on Instagram the other day something that really made me think:
Never forget that you’re the protagonist of your own story
And the antagonist of someone else’s
You are also the supporting character to lots of people's stories. You might even have been that kind stranger who unintentionally turns someone’s life around for the better.
I don’t necessarily want to change their life but I want to be someone who makes their life the best possible. I think that’s what I would want my ultimate superpower to be. I believe that everyone in your life is there for a reason and will somehow change your life, even if it is just to make them laugh every once in awhile, or to help you figure out a math problem. However, sometimes, It’s bigger than that, sometimes those people make bigger changes in your life. Or to teach you a valuable lesson. Even in my life I see this daily. I feel that my friends are there to make me who I am, the people that annoy me to the end teach me patience and that sometimes you need to just suck it up to not make the other person feel bad. The bullies in our life are even there for a reason; to teach us to stuck up for people. So, that’s what I believe in, very strongly.

I feel that we all aspire to become someone, and I feel like this particular quote should be a shared one, we should all try our hardest to not put each other down but instead bring each other up and be in their lives for a reason.


  1. Hey Julianna!
    That quote is terrific! I agree that everyone in your life is there for a reason and I think that you have a terrific goal in mind.

    See you next time,
    The Brainy Bovine

  2. Hey J,
    I love that quote and I think it is a great moral to live by. I teaches everyone to be there for others and try your hardest to not necessarily change their live but to make it great. Your writing has great potential, Keep up the great work,

  3. Hi Julianna,
    I really like your quote. That is the type of person that I am aiming to be. That was some really good writing. I loved reading this. We need a lot of people like you in the world who looks at things in positive ways. That even those people who are hard to deal with have a purpose in our lives.


  4. Julianna - I love this quote!! What an inspirational blog post.